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You must register if you plan to import or manufacture industrial chemicals any time during the 2020-21 registration year (1 September 2020 - 31 August 2021)

What is the inventory and who must use it?

If you're planning to import or manufacture (introduce) an industrial chemical, or a product that releases industrial chemicals, your first step is to search the Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals (the Inventory) through our website. The Inventory is a database of industrial chemicals available for industrial use in Australia.

What you need to know before you search the Inventory

You must search for each industrial chemical ingredient separately if you are introducing a product that has more than 1 industrial chemical. If you find your chemical is listed, you need to check if we've added any specific regulatory obligations or restrictions on the chemical.

If you find your chemical on the Inventory

If your business is registered with us and your introduction meets any requirements set in your chemical's inventory listing, you are authorised to introduce as a 'listed' introduction.

Next go to our Inventory search page which includes tips on how to search, information on what your search results mean and what to do if you can't find your chemical.

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