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Pre-introduction reports - reported category

This is a once-off mandatory report only for introductions under our reported category. Submit online through AICIS Business Services.

Do not submit a pre-introduction report if your introduction is in the listed, exempted or assessed categories. Pre-introduction reports only apply to first-time reported introductions. Read our Categorisation Guide to work out which category applies to your introduction and 'Before you start your pre-introduction report' page.


Our PIR guides

There are 7 types of PIRs. Choose the PIR guide below that applies to your introduction. Each guide walks you through the information you must have and how to submit your PIR in AICIS Business Services, as well as your compliance obligations after you submit. You can flag information as confidential in all types of PIRs - there is no fee to do this. You can apply to protect chemical name and/or end as confidential business information for internationally-assessed reported introductions - an application fee applies. 

You can also vary a PIR, click on the link below for help on how to do this.

Follow the guide that applies to your circumstances carefully - you cannot start your introduction until you have met your obligations for your type of reported introduction.
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