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Withdraw a pre-introduction report

Who can withdraw a pre-introduction report

The chemical introducer, or their nominated agent, can withdraw a pre-introduction report that has already been submitted for a reported introduction on AICIS Business Services.

Note: this is different from cancelling a draft report which you can do any time on AICIS Business Services before you submit it to us.

When you should withdraw a pre-introduction report

  • If you did not categorise your chemical introduction – you should withdraw your report then work out which category applies by using our Guide to categorising your chemical importation and manufacture.
  • If your chemical introduction is in the ‘listed’ category – you’re not required to submit a pre-introduction report for listed introductions.
  • If you submitted 2 or more pre-introduction reports for the same chemical – you should withdraw the incorrect or duplicate report. If you make a mistake or enter incorrect information, you should vary your pre-introduction report instead of submitting another one.
Before withdrawing your report, please contact us if all of the following apply:
  1. you’ve worked out that you incorrectly categorised your introduction in the reported category 
  2. you have already introduced the chemical in the reported category 
  3. the correct categorisation is in the assessed category

How to withdraw a pre-introduction report

  1. Log in to AICIS Business Services and go to the Pre-Introduction Reports (PIR) tile on the dashboard.
  2. Click 'View your portfolios' and 'PIR dashboard'.
  3. Find the pre-introduction report and click 'Withdraw report'. If the button does not display, it means that the report is still a draft and you have not submitted the report to us.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ if the chemical has been introduced into Australia since the PIR was submitted, otherwise click ‘No’.
  5. Click ‘Withdraw report’. You will receive a confirmation email.

You must keep records about any introduction that has occurred for 5 years, even after you have stopped introducing the chemical. Learn more about reporting and record-keeping obligations.

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