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Record-keeping for exempted introductions - manufactured soap


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Before you read this page’s content, make sure you’ve already read and understood why you must keep records.

Go to our record-keeping overview page for this information

Records you must keep 

You must keep written evidence (paper or digital) to show that your soap chemical introduction(s) meets the criteria in step 2 of the Categorisation Guide and as shown below.

  • Your soap-chemical is made (manufactured) in Australia
  • Your soap-chemical is manufactured using a saponification process with a fat and oil and lye (either aqueous sodium hydroxide or aqueous potassium hydroxide)
  • The total volume of fat or oil used to make your soap-chemical is no more than 100 kg in an AICIS registration year.

This is required for each soap chemical that is made and that meets the criteria.

Example of records you can keep

You manufacture soap in Australia using aqueous sodium hydroxide, 100 kg of coconut oil and 70 kg of olive oil in an AICIS registration year (1 September to 31 August).

You keep

  • the name of the oils you used to make the soap-chemicals, i.e. keep a record of coconut oil and olive oil
  • volume of the oils used to make each soap-chemical in a registration year, i.e. keep a record of 100 kg coconut oil, 70 kg olive oil (records could include purchase orders or a logbook tracking the volume of oil used in your soap).

You must keep records for 5 years, even if you stop introducing the chemical.

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