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Pre-introduction report - research and development

Information and steps to help you submit your pre-introduction report for your introduction of chemicals that are only for use in research and development and meet the criteria for a reported introduction.

Before you dive in further to this page, you need to have read Before you start with your pre-introduction report. It is also essential that you read our page Categorisation of chemicals introduced for research and development.


Information you will need to submit your pre-introduction report

You need to provide information such as:

  • chemical identity (see below) 
  • whether your chemical will be imported into Australia and/or manufactured in Australia
  • the total volume you will introduce during the registration year
  • whether the chemical will be introduced as a solid, in a dispersion or neither

Chemical identity

Before you submit your report, check that you have the following information:

  • If you know the proper name for your chemical, you’ll need to provide the CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) or IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) name and the CAS number (if assigned).
  • If you don’t know the proper name for your chemical, you’ll need the name you use to refer to your chemical and the name of the person who has the proper chemical name. This could be the supplier, manufacturer or someone else. We will contact them before you submit your pre-introduction report. 

Steps to follow if you don’t know the proper name for your chemical 

Step 1: Enter the required information into your pre-introduction report. You must nominate the person who knows the proper chemical name.

Step 2: We will email the person you nominate.

Step 3: They enter the chemical identity information into your pre-introduction report (this information will not be visible to you). They need to let you know when they have completed this task.

Step 4: Submit your completed pre-introduction report and introduce your chemical.

What happens after you submit your pre-introduction report

Once you’ve submitted your pre-introduction report, you can introduce your chemical.

Note that our compliance team monitors introductions to make sure they’re authorised under our laws. You must keep records about your introductions and give them to us if we ask for them.

You must at all times ensure that any introduction is in line with the information given in your pre-introduction report. If any circumstance of your introduction changes, you must check that it can still be categorised as a reported introduction and, if so, whether you need to vary your pre-introduction report. 

Go to AICIS Business Services to submit your pre-introduction report

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